Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony by the Dental Service Department

As the month of Ramadhan is coming to an end, more religious activities continue to be held including Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony and presentation of donations to the orphans and underprivileged, 6th May afternoon.

Kampung Telisai Consultative Council in collaboration with group of companies in the village held presentation of contribution in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to 30 underprivileged families in the village. It was handed over by Awang Haji Haizul Rizal bin Haji Yahya, Acting Assistant Tutong District Officer. Also present was a Member of the Legislative Council.

Meanwhile, the takmir committe of RPN Bukit Beruang Mosque in Tutong District held a Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony. The function commenced with the recital of Surah Al-Fatihah led by Awang Haji Masri bin Haji Mohamad, Tutong District Mosque Affairs Officer. Also held was presentation of donations to 50 orphans from Kampung Bukit Beruang and surrounding areas. It is hoped the donations will bring cheers to the orphans in preparation for the upcoming Syawal Festival.

Source: Radio Television Brunei