Distribution of Reusable Bags

A total of 5-hundred reusable shopping bags were given to the public at Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, BIBD, in an ongoing effort to encourage the people and residents of the country to adopt green practices through the Plastic Free Brunei initiative. The handing over was held this afternoon at the Jalan Bendahara Ramadhan Stall in the capital.

The reusable bags were handed over to Awang Salminan bin Haji Burut, Permanent Secretary for Town and District at the Ministry of Home Affairs by Awang Haji Minorhadi bin Haji Mirhassan, Acting Chief Operating Officer of BIBD. According to the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation, JASTRe, 16 percent of the country's waste consists of plastic products. With the introduction of 'No Plastic Bags Every Day' at several supermarkets and shops nationwide, the use of plastic bags was reported to have declined by more than 77 per cent at five major supermarkets. Therefore, the handover and distribution of reusable bags are among the initiatives intended to support the government's efforts to realise Wawasan Brunei 2035 as well as support the United Nations' 12 Sustainable Development Goals to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Source: Radio Television Brunei