Benefits of Reading Al-Qur’an

The month of Ramadhan is a month full of blessings and benefits. Al-Qur'an was revealed during this holy month as a guidance and enlightenment in this world and the hereafter. As Muslims, we must glorify Al-Quran and safeguard its purity as well as read and practise its teachings to gain rewards, blessings and the syafaat or intercession of the Great Messenger of Allah during the Day of Judgement. This week's Friday Sermon carried the title 'Fadhilat Membaca Al-Qur'an' or The Benefits of Reading Al-Qur'an.

The Friday Sermon also touched on the annual National Family Day celebrated on first Sunday of May. Themed 'Keluargaku Harapanku' or My Family, My Hope, the celebration is one of the ways to strengthen family ties among the community and to teach one not to neglect needy family members.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in a hadith or tradition also touched on the benefits or advantages for those who read Al-Qur'an. First, one will obtain a high position in paradise. Second, one will be bestowed with the crown of nobility on the Day of Judgement. Third, one will be blessed with calmness and alertness. Fourth, for every one letter of Al-Qur'an recited is rewarded with one reward.

Ramadhan is the right and appropriate time to nurture love and harmony in a family. Among them by calling on children and family members to do charity and perform acts of worship together such as performing mass obligatory or sunat prayers, Tadarus Al-Qur'an, iftar or breaking of the fast and having sahur or pre-dawn meals together. Therefore, the Muslim ummah should take the opportunity to increase the reading of Al-Quran with their family as it brings multiple rewards.

Source: Radio Television Brunei