Break The Fast Modestly

When mentioning the month of Ramadhan, it is definitely synonymous with breaking of the fast. Usually, the Muslim community in the country prefers to spend time in the family home or in the relatives' home. Undoubtedly, due to work demands and time constraints, some people choose to spend time in the hotel or restaurant. What's more, this year, the hotels and restaurants are reopened as usual by providing buffet meals, unlike last year, when it was prohibited following precautionary measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

To attract attention and satisfy the customers, most hotels and restaurants provide buffets for breaking the fast. The menus provided are Malay and archipelago cuisines as well as cakes and fruit for dessert. Some hotels or restaurants also provide international dishes in their buffets, specifically for customers who want to change their appetite. However, dates remain a mandatory menu because dates have many health benefits in addition to the practice of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

The restaurants and hotels will change their daily menus so that customers do not feel bored. A wide variety of food and beverages are served according to the special prices offered. More importantly, the menus provided are included among the list of healthy menus. Despite the desire to break the fast outside, Muslims must always remember to be modest while enjoying the food to avoid wastage as well as adopt a balanced diet.

Source: Radio Television Brunei