Online Zakat Payment

The online zakat fitrah payment service, introduced by the Brunei Islamic Religious Council, MUIB provides an alternative for muslims in the country to conduct zakat payments in addition to direct payment methods made through certified appointed amils or zakat collector throughout the country. The initiative to introduce online zakat payment is also in line with the current technology.

According to the Acting Secretary of the Islamic Religious Council, Ministry of Religious Affairs, at present the method of paying zakat fitrah online is an addition or option for Muslims in the country to carry out the fourth pillar of Islam which is based on the Islamic law. Online payment can be made until the 28th of Ramadhan.

With the encouraging response, the method also allows Muslims to fulfill the obligation of paying zakat fitrah and at the same time saves time and guarantees financial security. The payment method which is an initiative by the Government of His Majesty is supported by consumers.

The online zakat fitrah payment can made by visiting the Ministry of Religious Affairs' website at and then by clicking the online Zakat Fitrah Payment banner. Consumers will later be instructed to select the service providers which collaborates with the Brunei Islamic Religious Council MUIB namely the BIBD 'Quickpay'; eZakat DST; TAIB Zakat Online Banking and Zakat Fitrah through Progressive PAY.

Source: Radio Television Brunei