Breaking the Fast with New Converts

Various religious activities continue to be organised to further glorify the blessed month of Ramadhan. Late yesterday afternoon, a delegation from 'Ikatan Pengusaha Muslimah Indonesia', IPEMI and An Naafii in collaboration with the Da'wah Unit of the Temburong District Islamic Da'wah Centre, held a breaking of the fast with new converts in the district. The function took place at Kampung Selapong Religious Hall in Mukim Bokok.

The function included a presentation of donations to new converts in Kampung Semabat and the surrounding areas as well as a tazkirah or talk titled 'Bersedekah di Bulan Ramadan' or Giving Alms in Ramadhan delivered by Awang Haji Hazimin bin Haji Metali, Religious Development Officer, Islamic da'wah Centre, Temburong District. The talk explained that giving alms in Ramadhan will be a special practise that brings about a multitude of goodness. The function aimed to instill in the new converts ways of appreciating Ramadhan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei