Brunei Darussalam Is Entering the Monsoon Transition Period

Brunei Darussalam is entering the inter-monsoon period which is a transitional period from the Northeast Monsoon to the Southwest Monsoon, and expected to continue until the end of May. During that period, the absence of prevailing monsoonal winds has allowed local wind effects to play an important role in influencing the daily weather of the country. According to Dayang Marzeti binti Haji Mahadi, Acting Chief Meteorological Officer, based on climatological records, the frequency of thunderstorms is high during the inter-monsoon period compared to other months. Meanwhile, the average rainy days for April is 16 days and May is 18 days.

According to Dayang Marzeti, during this period the country will experience weather conditions that tend to be hot during daytime, variable light winds during the morning and active development of thunderstorm clouds in the afternoon; thunderstorm mostly occurs over inland areas during the evening and propagating out to the coastal and sea areas during late night to early morning. Meanwhile, at 2 in the morning local time on the 17th of April 2021, Typhoon 'SURIGAE' was at coordinates 10 degrees North and 132.1 degrees east, over the Eastern part of the Philippines, some 1 thousand 977 kilometres from Brunei Darussalam and is expected to continue moving Northwesterly away from our country. Typhoon 'SURIGAE' is expected to continue to indirectly influence the country's weather until Monday, with thundershowers and strong winds to intermittently cross the country especially in the sea and coastal areas. Wind gusts can increase up to 40 kilometres per hour during heavy rain or thundershowers.

The public, especially road users and seafarers are advised to always be aware of the latest weather forecasts, warnings and advice issued by the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department. For the latest weather information, contact the Weather Forecaster at the Weather Forecast Center at the Weather Line 114 or visit or Facebook bruneiweather, Instagram @bruneiweather and the Brunei WX mobile app.

Source: Radio Television Brunei