Fire Safety during Ramadhan

Many houses in the country are not equipped with Fire Prevention Equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Smoke Detectors which in turn increases the risk of fires occurring.

The statistics for emergency calls received by the Fire and Rescue Department in 2020 is 103 fire emergency calls. 69 of the calls were for house fires and 34 were building fires. Meanwhile, from January until March this year, 23 fire emergency calls were received, with 11 house fires and 12 building fires.

Among the main reasons for house and building fires are, Electrical Fires such as Overload, Excessive Heat, Short Circuits, Loose Connections and Old Wiring, Cooking left unattended, Loose and Leaking LPG Hose, Children playing with fire and lit cigarette butts.

In this regard, the country's residents are advised to be more alert and to take seriously fire safety and prevention aspects at their respective homes. Among them are to ensure the homes are equipped with fire prevention equipment, have an action plan in the event of a fire and how to extinguish it, ensure that the use of electrical equipment is always controlled and in accordance with the correct standards,

Switch off electrical appliances when not needed, do not leave cooking unattended for too long and make sure the gas head and LPG hoses meet proper standards, and always be cautious and take into account safety aspects when playing with fireworks. Early prevention measures are truly needed and not just during the fasting month and welcoming Hari Raya. In the event of an incident involving n emergency, contact The Fire and Rescue Department emergency hot-line at 995.

Source: Radio Television Brunei