Ramadhan Stall Sites

Every month of Ramadhan, vendors do not miss the opportunity to sell food and beverages for breaking the fast to seek Halal sustenance and increase their own income. To facilitate said vendors, several Ramadhan stall sites have been provided by the authorities.

In the Brunei Muara District, one of the popular areas where the public buy food and beverage for breaking the fast is at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium. Various dishes can be found at the Ramadhan stalls, ranging from local to international cuisines to cater to the public's palate in breaking the fast.

Members of the public are reminded to be prudent and practise moderation. With all kinds of food and beverage sold from as low as one dollar, this can encourage wastage.

Ramadhan stall vendors are required to adhere to the government's advice and carry out their respective responsibility apart from enculturing COVID-19 preventive measures. Vendors are to wear face mask, print QR code to be scanned by the public. Entrepreneurs are also reminded to practise cleanliness and comply with the guideline issued by the government if providing buffet.

Source: Radio Television Brunei