Ramadhan Food Stalls Preparation


The month of Ramadhan not only promises multiple folds of pahala for every religious act performed, it also opens up the livelihood of entrepreneurs including Ramadhan business stalls. Every Ramadhan, food stills will open up and will become the main attention for the public that desires to buy food for iftar.


During RTB’s observation yesterday afternoon some local Ramadhan food stalls in the country, which frequently became the main attention to the public, were located at the car-park area of the Negara Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium in Berakas, the car-park area in front of the Alat-Alat Kebesaran Diraja Muzeum in the capital, and other locations. Last year, Ramadhan food stalls were not held as a preventive measure to curb COVID-19 infections. But this year, Ramadhan food stalls will continue its operation as per the usual norm for every Ramadhan.


Nevertheless, food vendors will participate to play a role during the pandemic especially in the health aspect of every party involved, by abiding with the guidelines enforced by the Ministry of Health. Through the Phase 5 De-escalation Plan Implementation Guidelines new normal Food Services at Open Stalls which was released by the Ministry of Home Affairs on the 8th of March, all open stalls be it under the District Departments and Municipal Departments or managed by Government and Private sectors, have to abide with the conditions. It includes the open stalls manager to prepare Bruhealth QR codes that is exclusively for their premise which then the QR codes will be printed in sufficient amounts and placed in various suitable areas. For the convenience of customers who do not have the leisure of scanning QR codes, the stall managers can provide a logbook to record the personal details of customers.


The guidelines also stressed on the total number of customers allowed to enter inside the open stall premise which is limited to only 1000 customers, following the crowd gathering guidelines that was stated by the Ministry of Health. More importantly, employees of the open stalls who handle and manage food are advised to always wear a face mask that are appropriate to food managing tasks.


Customers also play an important role in together obeying safety aspects when visiting the open stalls. The public is advised to practice self-hygiene at all times such as frequent hand-washing or hand-sanitizing and wearing face masks in crowded areas. Meanwhile, people who have signs of infection are advised to not visit the Ramadhan stalls until recovered.



Source: Radio Television Brunei