Donation and Endowment Presentation Ceremony

The Kampung Pudak Consultative Council Committee in Mukim Kota Batu in collaboration with the Kampung Pudak Mosque Takmir Committee, Muslimah Mosque and Bukit Seri Pandan Pudak Committee, held the 14th Tahlil Doa Arwah ceremony and presentation of contributions to orphans and endowment. The ceremony was held yesterday morning at the mosque.

The ceremony began with the reading of tahlil and doa arwah, followed by donation presentation to 4 orphans and 13 senior citizens comprised of members of the Muslimah Mosque as well as residents of the village. The Kampung Pudak Mosque also received endowment in the form of white board and vacuum cleaner. The ceremony aimed to alleviate the burdens of orphans and senior citizens for the upcoming month of Ramadhan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei