Musabaqah Al-Quran Memorization

The Musabaqah Al-Quran memorization continues yesterday morning for category 'A' at the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Tahfiz Al-Quran Institute.

Pengiran Haji Amiruddin bin Pengiran Haji Damit, Acting Director of MABIMS Centre for Al-Quran Studies and Dissemination, Ministry of Religious Affairs in his speech said the Musabaqah Al-Quran memorization and its understanding instils and nurtures interest in Al-Quran memorisation among students at the primary, and secondary levels as well as at higher learning institutions including youths, government as well as private sector officers and staff.

The results of the final will be announced during the National Level Nuzul Al-Quran Celebration for 1442 hijrah. Souvenirs to the musabaqah participants were presented by Awang Haji Mohammad Rosli bin Haji Ibrahim, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Source: Radio Television Brunei