Introducing Search Function for NomborKu

To facilitate the public in searching for vehicle registration numbers at the info page for vehicle registrations or NomborKu, the Land Transport Department, JPD, Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications has taken the initiative in making improvements with a search feature for all series of registration numbers at The JPD in its press release stated that it allows the public to fill in a digital form which is linked to vehicle numbers that have not been registered, and to make further inquiries as to when the number is ready for purchase.

JPD will also introduce other improvement features in the coming phases which include, bilingual functions and online payment. JPD would also like to remind the public who have successfully received their registration numbers to register it to their vehicle within a 30 day period as per the conditions stipulated. The public can also make an application to extend the 30 day period to 3 years by paying a 60 dollar holding fee. For further information, contact JPD at 6732451979 or 90 or 87 extension 111 or email them at

Source: Radio Television Brunei