RTB’s ‘Jalinan Kasih’ Project

In together sharing sustenance with less fortunate families in preparation for the holy month of Ramadhan, five less fortunate families from Kampung Penabai and Kampung Kuala Ungar in Tutong District yesterday morning received contributions through the ‘Jalinan Kasih’ Project organised by Radio Television Brunei through the Radio Services Section.


The 13th ‘Jalinan Kasih’ Project is one of the efforts in reaching out to people of various levels and backgrounds, apart from providing community services to those in need, including orphans, single mothers, senior citizens, new converts as well as the less fortunate. The welfare project conducted by the Radio networks since 2009, is a continuous effort towards upholding the government’s aspiration to establish a life culture of a loving and caring community.



Source: Radio Television Brunei