Viral Message on Non-Halal Product

Following a message that went viral in social media on the Steam Pork Rib Spices product that was sold and displayed at a general area in a supermarket, the Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Halal Food Control Division, Syariah Affairs Department has inspected the said supermarket.

The ministry found the said product was indeed being sold at the supermarket, and ordered for the product to be removed from the general area and place it at the Non-Halal section. All of the supermarket's branches throughout the country have been inspected, and found that the said product was not being sold at branches. Owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and food product suppliers as well as importers are reminded to be more cautious and attentive towards the imported food products that will be sold to consumers at supermarkets or shops by making sure that halal products are not mixed with non-halal products. This is to safeguard the well-being of Muslims in the country.

Source: Radio Television Brunei