Safety Measures While On Road

Members of the public are advised to be vigilant and remain cautious, prudent and considerate as road users with a concern for their personal safety and that of other road users. The reminder was stated in a press release from the Ministry of Transport and infocommunications through the National Road Safety Council MKKJR following several tragic fatal accidents. As a road user, several measures should be emphasized to avoid accidents by raising awareness and enculturing road safety priorities while driving. Among them are:-

- Makes supplications seeking safety prior to begin the journey;

- Do not drive beyond the speed limit;

- Always abide by the road laws and regulations such as the speed limit signage, safety and traffic light instructions;

- Stay focused while driving on the road;

- Road users must always be alert while driving without being influenced by elements that can distract or reduce attention such as using a mobile phone, eating and drinking anything that can cause delusions.

- Road users are also advised to ensure that their vehicles are in a good and safe condition such as by ensuring vehicle tyres, brakes, lights and engine are in good condition and functional;

- Always use safety seat belts while driving;

- Always be aware and alert to changes in the environment when raining, on slippery roads and when visibility becomes limited, and always practice tolerance with other road users;

- Apart from that, drivers are also advised to slow down their vehicles when approaching traffic lights, intersections, schools, and recreational activity areas where the high risk road users are such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and

- Drivers are also reminded to plan their journey in advance, avoid rushing while driving, and not while in drowsy and unwell.

Source: Radio Television Brunei