Refining Solat According To Mazhab Syafie’

A number of Sunat or commendable practices during and after prayer, approaches for concentration during prayer and the wisdom of prayer procedures as the foundation of the ummah's excellence were among the matters shared during a talk LAST NIGHT titled 'A Demonstration on Refining Prayers According to Mazhab Syafie.' The talk held in conjunction with Isra' Mi'raj celebration was organised by Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB with the cooperation of the Mosque Affairs Department and the Takmir Committee of Pekan Seria Mosque in the Belait District.

Apart from speaking in depth about praying according to the teachings of Mazhab Syafie', Doctor Haji Adanan bin Haji Awang Besar, the Ra'es KUPU SB also explained ways to further refine prayer. The talk was also part of efforts to enliven mosque with beneficial activities and transforming the house of worship into a centre of knowledge.

Source: Radio Television Brunei