Project Being Implemented Under Development

Touching on projects being implemented under Development, Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy stated there 77 ongoing projects including infrastructure projects and the manpower skill and capacity improvement programme. These include electricity supply projects under the Ministry of Energy and water supply, channelling and sewerage projects.

Firstly, the education infrastructure projects such as construction of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA and Sultan Hassan Secondary School in Bangar. Secondly, the Agriculture and Agrifood as well as Fishery projects such as building the additional irrigation scheme for all rice planting areas in Brunei Muara District intended to support rice production. Increasing vegetables production using high technology to generate GDP including electricity supply at Tungku Agrotechnology Park and Kampung Batumpu. Livestock Industry Development Plan to generate production including electricity supply at Merangking Phase 1 Agricultural Development Area in Belait District and the Livestock Disease Research, Analysis and Reference Centre Programme Laboratory. Developing and opening sites for Aquaculture Industry including work for basic facilities for Sungai (Mangsalut) Aquaculture Sites, Kampung Tanah Jambu, Sungai Paku and Kampung Rampayuh. And the Aquaculture Industry improvement programme including improving the irrigation system at the Prawn Breeding area at Pengkalan Sibabau Zone 2 in Kampung Mentiri.

Source: Radio Television Brunei