Future Ready Youths

In Realising Future Ready Youths, the National Youth Policy and Strategy 2020 to 2035 and the Volunteer Guidelines launched in December 2020 provide a direction towards youth transformation especially from the Bruneian identity human capital perspective. Towards this, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports stressed a number of initiatives have and will be implemented namely, the National Youth Policy and Strategy 2020-2035 Action Plan Implementation; Instilling Patriotism and encouraging national solidarity among youths, education, Employability and Suitable Employment as well as Youth Empowerment. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports will also enhance the quality of character shaping and youth human capital.

Yang Berhormat added the initiatives also include updating the Youth Development Centre's function as a hub for skills training and life-long learning for youths and the community; Broadening the National Service Programme, PKBN scope through the establishment of the Youth Academy as a local and regional youth leaders network and also as a community hub and the Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator Programme will be improved and extended to every district. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports also added expanding entrepreneurship activities including the creative industry and opening up opportunities for business-startups; provision of Youth Entrepreneurship Development micro grants targeted for 20 youth entrepreneurs; Enhancement of youth led high impact programme implementation. As an example the Young Professional Network, YPN will implement 34 programmes in the fields of employment, mentorship and leadership. There is also the provision of an additional 10 hectares of land for paddy planting by youths in Kampong Batong; and the launch of the Volunteers Application System targeted for August this year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei