Water Supply System

In relation to the yellowish water, the Minister of Development advised the public to help reduce the yellowish water issue by cleaning water tanks at their respective homes from time to time. Several efforts have been implemented to reach a resilient water supply system through the implementation of several projects, namely increased treatment capacity for clean water production with the construction of the 8th stage of the Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant with a capacity of 120 million litters per day; upgrading the Agis-Agis Water Treatment Plant in Kuala Belait with a capacity of 38 million litres per day; and the upgrading of the Bukit Barun Water Treatment Plant Phases 4 and 5 which can increase the water processing efficiency by an average of 12 to 18 % as well as increasing storage capacity through the construction of additional water tanks in some areas; replacement of main water pipes and distribution as well as replacing and upgrading pumps nationwide.

Lately yellowish water issue frequently occurred at a number of areas. Yang Berhormat explained, one of the reason is due to high organic content especially during rainy season at the rural area which causes the colour of the raw water to turn murky. Apart from focusing on water treatment with appropriate and safe doses of chemicals, several other efforts such as reservoir cleaning and improvement process for repair and replacement of water pipes are also underway.

Source: Radio Television Brunei