Paying Tithe in the New Normal

On the question of Zakat or tithe, the Minister of Religious Affairs said, although the country has been struck by an abnormal situation this past year or so, the tithe collection has not shown a decline. The Minister added this indicated the success of initiatives taken for tithe collection during the new normal period.

Last year, a mosque in Brunei Muara District was used to facilitate the payment of zakat fitrah where Tithe collectors received the zakat payment via the drive-through method in the mosque's compound. The result was better compared to 2019 when only $5,539.20 were collected. In the COVID-19 period last year, the same mosque collected $44,261.62, or from five thousand plus to more than forty thousand. Similarly a different method to facilitate ministry's staff in paying the tithe, enabled 3,684 employees working at the main buildings of ministries to pay the tithe within three days. The total collection was $10,452.30.

Source: Radio Television Brunei