Review Terms of Employment

District Representatives in their motion of vote of thanks among others highlighted the need for preparing human capital to achieve the Wawasan Negara 2035 and develop the country's economy.

Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Ali bin Pengiran Maon stressed on reviewing the existing policy or terms of employment for any post in the government sector, where over qualification should be removed.

Meanwhile, Yang Berhormat Awang Naim bin Haji Kamis underlined the need for the country to produce and prepare quality and sustainable human capital to achieve the aspirations of Wawasan Negara 2035 in all fields required by the nation.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Tahamit bin Haji Nudin highlighted on the need for the country to maintain perpetuating a more comprehensive economic digitalisation to ensure that the nation is not left behind in aspects of industry and academics due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Mohimin bin Haji Johari @ Jahari stated the economy starts to grow and will bring back global economy improvement and recovery. This is an opportunity for the country to a national fiscal aside from oil and gas revenue.

Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman said that as leaders or policy holders, they must be courageous in facing any current challenges so that in the future, the race and the country will be more prepared in overcoming any challenges based on integration and discipline of today.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Abdul Hamid bin Haji Mumin stressed that with Allah's permission and the sovereignty of our beloved Monarch, the wise and quick actions of the Ministry of Health are highly effective in curbing COVID-19 and breaking the transmission chain.

Meanwhile, Yang Berhormat Awang Hanapi bin Mohd Siput called for stakeholders and all levels of society to work together to create rural environments that are safe, quality and in order.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Abdul Wahab bin Apong underlined that hard work, quick decision making and a more effective internal processes can facilitate commercial-based development activities and stimulate economic growth of new industries.

Whereas Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit stated that related parties have their own plans that lead to the country's economic development, especially in providing job opportunities and high positions for locals in the private sectors as well as business opportunities.

Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu highlighted that one of the cores of human capital development aside from knowledge, beneficial deeds, good character, positive attitude and strong willpower.

Source: Radio Television Brunei