10th Year Establishment of Al-Barakah Quran Guidance Class

A total of 39 participants took part in the 3rd Khatam Al-Quran ceremony, in conjunction with the establishment of the 10th Year of the Al-Barakah Al-Quran guidance class in Kampung Lumut 2 in Belait. The ceremony was held yesterday afternoon at the Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong.

Leading the reading of Surah Al-Fatihah was Datin Hajah Jamiah binti Haji Abdul Manap, wife of the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs. Al-Barakah Al-Quran guidance class was established on the 1st of February 2011. It is in response to the call by the Government of His Majesty for citizens and residents of the country to be Al-Quran literate. Apart from that it acts as guidance for Muslimah in the village and the surrounding areas to be able to read and better understand the correct way of reading with the right tajwid and mahraj.

Source: Radio Television Brunei