‘Selera Bruneiku’ Event Features Traditional Foods

Self-created traditional foods were among those featured by two food operators during the 'Selera Bruneiku', Gastronomy Week event held in conjunction with Brunei Darussalam's 37th National Day Celebration. Apart from stimulating the growth of domestic tourism in the country, Gastronomy Week is also intended to promote the 'Domestic Food Journey', in addition to showcasing local food products. Two food operators in Tutong District, Seri Merimbun Restaurant at Lanes Hotel and Eco Ponies Garden were among the 16 participants participating in Gastronomy Week.

Seri Merimbun Restaurant at Lanes Hotel promoted its "Nasi Talam" menu as a specialty. The traditional dish is created by the hotel's chef by combining traditional and contemporary elements from the aspect of ingredients used, taste and presentation. The places of interest in Tutong District are also promoted through the cuisine provided.

Meanwhile, Eco Ponies Garden located in Kampung Bang Nukat, Lamunin, Tutong showcased the Bidasari Grilled Organic Chicken with 7 herbs menu as the main dish. The menu was produced by the Bidasari Team, combining the use of natural ingredients in each dish, created in the traditional and modern way.

Source: Radio Television Brunei