Involvement of Young Generation Reflects Important Role in Nation Building

The participation of the younger generation at the 37th National Day Celebration Grand Assembly which will take place this Tuesday, 23rd of February, reflects their important role in nation building. Their involvement in enlivening the celebration will certainly boost spirits to continue to be of service to the nation.

At the Grand Assembly, the young generation will perform an instrumental version of the traditional song 'Adai-Adai'. What is even more amazing is that the participants show their diligence and determination in carrying out the rehearsals led by their teachers.

Despite repeated rehearsals, their joy and pride in participating and making a success of the National Day Celebration continues to be strong. The involvement of the young generation can be likened to an early exposure for shaping self-esteem and instilling their love for the country. The experience gained will certainly be an oral tradition over the years.

Their involvement reflects their strong spirit in showing their love and loyalty to the monarch and country. It is inline with the theme of this year's National Day celebration, "Menjayakan Wawasan Negara".

Source: Radio Television Brunei