3 Products Confirmed Positive for Pork DNA

Three Li-Chuan Golden Summit products from Singapore have been confirmed positive for pork DNA. The Ministry of Religious Affairs in its media statement stated that the confirmation came as a result of analysis made by the Department of Scientific Services, Ministry of Health. The analysis were made after the Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Syari'ah Affairs Department conducted random inspections for several imported products sold at all supermarkets and shops in the country.

The products are fishballs, cuttlefish balls and mushroom balls. Aside from that, several other samples of Li Chuan Golden Summit products including similar products from different brands were sent to the Department of Scientific Services, Ministry of Health to be analysed. Therefore, to look after the interest of the muslim community in the country, the Syari'ah Affairs Department, has ordered all super markets and shops to separate the products immediately from general storage and placed in the Non-Halal section.

However, in line with Syara law, when something is of a concern, it will be categorised as syubhah or ambiguous, therefore all other Li Chuan Golden Summit brand products are also ordered to be separated while waiting for the results of the scientific analysis. In this regard, orders have also been issued to all Halal Certificate and Permit holders to immediately stop the use of Li Chuan Golden Summit products in their food menus or product ingredients. At this time, the Syar'iah Affairs Department through the Halal Food Control Division is actively conducting visits to premises which have used the Li Chuan Golden Summit products for cleansing.

Source: Radio Television Brunei