Three-Year Degree Programme

The Universiti Teknologi Brunei, UTB will shorten its study period for undergraduate degree programmes to three years in the effort to produce a a more competitive graduates in the job market. In an interview with RTB, Professor Doctor Hajah Zohrah binti Haji Sulaiman, Vice Chancellor of UTB explained that the four-year degree programme previously offered was less attractive for students compared to the overseas universities such as Australia, the United Kingdom and several other countries that offer a three-year degree programme. UTB's objective is to provide more courses that are shorter, more relevant and suitable for jobs in related industries.

Meanwhile, Doctor Ahmad Syamaizar bin Haji Ahmad Sabli, Dean of UTB's School of Design explained that the 3-year programme in the field of Fashion and Technology is an additional programme for School of Design and will be a platform for the students to become entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

Several UTB students said that by shortening the study period can save their time and energy.

Source: Radio Television Brunei