Brunei Radio Services continues facing Evolution Processes

The World Radio Day is celebrated every 13th of February. World Radio Day demonstrates the importance role of radio to the world, including its role in providing useful information in the aspects of economic, cultural and international affairs. Radio is one of the media that is capable to reach a wide audience in the world. Early in its existence, Radio was also known as a strong communication tool and low cost medium.

In Brunei Darussalam, the Malay, English and Tionghwa Brunei Radio Services were established on the 2nd of May 1957. In line with the current development of digital technology, the radio service which is now located at RTB Sungai Akar Broadcasting Complex have now further diversified its delivery of information under its radio brands such as Instagram, facebook and RTBGo Apps apart from maintaining the five networks namely the Nasional FM, Pilihan FM, Pelangi FM, Harmoni FM and Nur Islam FM. In adulthood, Brunei Radio Services continue to maintain its stability of noble values in Brunei-based services, although Brunei Radio is now facing a process of evolution and transformation driven by the challenging development of the surrounding.

Source: Radio Television Brunei