Spend Wisely and Moderately

Wealth is a trust from Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala that should be utilised wisely and not to be wasted. Islam taught the ummah how to spend and manage wealth properly and moderately. Yesterday's Friday Sermon titled 'Spend Wisely and Moderately' reminded that Islam prohibits the ummah from being wasteful as such person is said to be the brother of the Devil as stated in Al-Quran, as the Devil is fond of extravagant people who spends their wealth to fulfil their lust.

According to the Imam or prayer leader, spending to meet our needs is not wrong but it must be done according to our ability and prioritise need over want. Hence, changes must be made by instilling new initiatives in financial management such as self-reflecting on spending and lifestyle; avoid debt and practise savings. The prayer leader added that our property does not belong to us entirely. There are also other people's rights in it that we need to fulfil. Therefore, Islam encourages the ummah to help others such as paying tithe, giving alms and endowment, and helping the poor and destitute as well as orphans. By doing so, it can instil respect and love for one other.

Source: Radio Television Brunei