Viral Information on Fraudulent Acts of Selling Vehicle Registration Number Using Fake Information Is Under the Royal Brunei Police Investigation

Following information made viral through Whatsapp and Facebook recently on fraudulent acts of selling vehicle registration numbers using fake personal information the Land Transport Department, JPD informed that the case is under investigation by the Royal Brunei Police Force. JPD reminds the public to remain cautious while obtaining services or subscriptions related to the department which is offered outside of JPD office services or the official website or any individual whose authenticity is doubtful.

The public can obtain the vehicle registration number through 2 methods, namely Closed-tender and Open-tender. For Closed tender, vehicle registration numbers are offered via tender advertisements on official media through Radio Television Brunei's broadcast; Pelita Brunei or printed media such as Borneo Bulletin and J-P-D's official website. Meanwhile, for Open-tender, vehicle registration numbers can be applied via online through the department's official email and its counter services. JPD also provides a handover service for vehicle registration numbers. The public are advised to use the services wisely to avoid any element of fraud or misunderstanding by dealing directly with JPD counter.

It is an offence under Section 170 of the Penal Code Chapter 22, whoever pretends to hold any particular office as a public servant, knowingly that he does not hold such office, or falsely personates any other person holding such office, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years and with fine. Meanwhile, Under Section 171 of the Penal Code Chapter 22, Whoever, not belonging to a certain class of public servants, wears any grab or carries any token resembling any grab or token used by that class of public servants, with the intention that it may be believed, or with the knowledge that it is likely to be believed, that he belongs to that class of public servants, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years and with fine. Any person who, whether orally or in writing or by any other means, spreads false reports or makes false statements likely to cause public alarm or despondency shall be guilty of an offence under Section 34, Chapter 148 of Public Order that carries a fine of 3 thousand dollars and imprisonment for 3 years. For further information, contact JPD at 2451979/80/87 during office hours or email: or visit the department's website at JPD

Source: Radio Television Brunei