Brunei Darussalam in First Phase of Northeast Monsoon

Brunei Darussalam is currently recording among the highest amount of rainfall with the country experiencing the first phase of the Northeast Monsoon. The matter was shared by Dayang Nurulinani binti Haji Jahari, Acting Chief Meteorological Officer, Brunei Darussalam in an interview yesterday morning. In addition, with the current weather condition, Brunei Darussalam is experiencing a damp climate. Dayang Nurulinani also reminded that the sea condition is dangerous to small boat operations and sea sports activities if the strong northeast wind gusts with speeds of more than 40 kilometres an hour and sea state reaching a rough level of more than 2 metres.

The Northeast Monsoon usually occurs from December to March and divided into 2 phases. Usually, in the first phase of the Northeast Monsoon which is December and January is the damp period, with frequent rainfall while the second phase which is in February and March is a slightly drier period with a reduction in rainfall. However, this year the country's weather is also influenced by the La-Nina Phenomena occurring in the Pacific Ocean. The La-Nina Phenomena impacts the weather globally, not only in the country but also others. However, for this region, the impact which frequently occurs is the increase in rainfall is expected to exceed the average amount. The latest expected seasonal weather issued by world major climate centres showed that the La-Nina phenomena will continue until March 2021.

Drivers and mariners are advised to always be alert on the latest forecasts, advice and weather advisories issued by the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department and to take initial steps or appropriate planning for the safety of all. Further information and the latest weather condition, contact the weather forecaster at the Weather Line 114 or go to or follow the social media, Facebook bruneiweather, Instagram @bruneiweather and mobile application Brunei WX.

Source: Radio Television Brunei