Eradicating Cross-Border Smuggling

The country's citizens and residents are urged to work together in helping the government in eradicating and stopping contraband smuggling activities such as alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and meat of doubtful halal status. These smuggling activities has numerous negative impacts and cause losses to the country. Islam places importance on peace, well-being and harmony in family and community life as well as in the country. Therefore, to eradicate and prevent the occurrence of crimes and cross-border smuggling issues in the country, among the government security agency entrusted and given the responsibility is the Royal Customs and Excise Department. The matter was among the contents of yesterday's Friday Sermon titled Eradicating Cross-Border Smuggling.

The imam or prayer leader said that in Brunei Darussalam, we commemorate the International Customs Day celebration every 26th of January and this year's theme is "Mendukung Pemulihan, Pembaharuan dan Ketidak-lanturan bagi rangkaian bekalan yang mampan" or Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain. It should be known that among the duties and responsibilities of the Royal Customs and Excise Department in maintaining the country's peace and prosperity is by controlling borders at control posts and monitoring the entry of goods delivered by air, water and land into the country. The monitoring is aimed to ensure that the goods brought in or exits the country are safe and have permits in order to maintain the society's benefits and well-being especially from the aspect of contraband and prohibitions. The act of cross-border smuggling is not only due to avoid from paying the customs tax but also to avoid from obtaining permits to bring in controlled goods. Apart from that, smuggling is not only carried out on prohibited goods and contraband, but smuggling is also carried out on government subsidised goods. Therefore, as citizens and residents of the country, we must always benefit the government subsidies given as it is aimed at alleviating the burden on the country's people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei