Take Precautions during Uncertain Weather Conditions

Brunei Darussalam is still in the Northeast Monsoon, where generally, uncertain weather conditions are expected with occasional showers or thundershowers.

From the 1st of January to the 19th of January this year, the Fire and Rescue Department recorded 102 emergency calls pertaining to flood, blown roof incident and landslide. In this regard, the department reminds the public to be vigilant during uncertain weather conditions.

Safety measures during rainy weather include: no outdoor activity, avoid going outside or driving during heavy rain, and seek shelter if caught in bad weather.

Landslide occurs during prolonged rain. For safety measures, monitor the house compound and soil; prepare to take action if there is any soil erosion, and evacuate the home if there is danger. The public is also advised to avoid going outside or driving during strong winds in case of fallen trees or objects blown away by wind, and not to park the vehicle near risky areas such as near trees, electric pole, or any tall object.

Flood often occurs especially at low-lying and flood prone areas, as well as areas located near the river. Hence, the public is advised to be updated with the latest weather from time to time. Always monitor the water level; place property on higher ground, and do not play or go to flooded areas, and monitor children's whereabouts.

During thunderstorm, the public is advised not to do outdoor activities and going outside and avoid open areas. Do not seek shelter under tall trees, and stay away from metal or iron structures.

While at the beach, members of the public is advised not to swim during bad weather. Do not let children swim without supervision; and do not swim alone. Avoid swimming if in doubt or feeling unwell, and do not swim too far from the coast. Before rescuing any drowning person, wear life buoy or life jacket.

During jungle trekking, avoid hiking during rainy weather and when it is already dark. Avoid hiking on unfamiliar tracks, and bring water, whistle and mobile phone in case of emergency. Avoid hiking alone and inform friends and family before hiking.

Source: Radio Television Brunei