Launching Of WARGAMAS 2nd Annual General Meeting

The WARGAMAS Association is hoped to continue to be proactive, caring and collaborate with government agencies and other strategic partners as grass-root leaders, aside from further strengthen the efforts of building collaboration with the community, specifically the senior citizens in order to achieve Brunei Darussalam's objective which is 'Bangsa Brunei Cemerlang.' Speaking at the Launching of WARGAMAS 2nd Annual General Meeting, AGM, Dayang Hajah Nor Ashikin Binti Haji Johari, Permanent Secretary for Culture and Community at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports also highlighted that the WARGAMAS Association plays a vital role in uniting the senior citizens in the country to uphold the collaboration efforts to achieve the country's vision. The ceremony took place yesterday morning at the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College.

According to Dayang Hajah Nor Ashikin, senior citizen is the most valuable asset of the country, as not only for their contribution in developing the community and country, but also for their knowledge and contribution that are beneficial for the next generation. The Whole of Nation has given a positive impact in empowering and enhancing the life standard as well as the capabilities of individual, family and community inclusively. She also said that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports require close cooperation with strategic partners towards Wawasan Brunei 2 ribu 35.

The WARGAMAS 2nd Annual General Meeting reviewed and confirming the minutes of the general meeting for the first time last year and the election of Executive Committee. Established in 2019, the WARGAMAS Association acts as a platform for senior citizens in the country to interact in a positive gathering and building as well as channelling ideas with the government in ensuring that the senior citizens will be able to continue their lives actively and contribute towards inclusive and sustainable national development.

Source: Radio Television Brunei