Da’wah Strengthening Workshop

Any Muslims who teaches or explains any teachings related to the religiopn in a manner deviant to the Syara' Law or teaches, explains any teachings or implements or practises a ceremony or behaviour that goes against Syara' Law is considered to have committed an offence and if found guilty, will be fined not exceeding 20 thousand dollars or imprisonment of a period not more than 5 years or both. The matter was among those clarified by the Rector of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA during the first day of the Da'wah Strengthening Workshop at Dewan Melor, Ministry of Religious Affairs, in Jalan Dewan Majlis.

Doctor Haji Norarfan bin Haji Zainal as the facilitator of the workshop titled 'Aliran Pemikiran Kontemporari' or Contemporary Thinking Stream explained that Islam in the context of Brunei Darussalam from the aspect of belief and practice is based on the Ahli Sunnah Waljama'ah School of Thought according to the al-Asya'irah and al-Maturiddiyyah approaches in the field of Usuluddin and Imam al-Shafi'e sect in the field of Syariah.

The workshop organised by the Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Human Resource Development and Planning Section, Administration Department was participated by 30 officers from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The workshop held until the 21st of January among other matters aims to empower Da'wah strategy which is relevant with the development and condition as well as strengthening the methodology of Da'wah and da'ie who possess integrity, apart from enhancing the da'ie skills and a more effective delivery of the da'wah message.

Source: Radio Television Brunei