Honesty and Trust in Business

Islam demands that its ummah seek halal rizqi or income through legal and good ways to fulfil their personal needs and those of their dependents. There are many ways to gain income or sustenance including through business or entrepreneurship. In Islam, business must be conducted with honesty and trust. Yesterday's Friday sermon titled, "Honesty and Trust in Business" stressed that businesses must steer away from conduct the contradicted Syarak or the laws of Islam as well as the laws of the country and not sell prohibited goods like liquor, stolen items, contraband and others.

The prayer leaders said entrepreneurs or businessmen must engage in business using methods that are blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala. Muslims must never reap profits through prohibited ways because Allah the All Seeing and Knowing prohibits all types of cheating and misconduct in business and life. Despite this, there are still people who cheat and deceive their customers in order to gain profits.

Source: Radio Television Brunei