Avoid Becoming a Cyber Crime Victim

Members of the public are reminded to be wary and cautious towards tactics used by cyber criminals, particularly when confidential or personal details are given. The public are also urged to learn more about the constantly changing cyber security. The reminder was made by the Principal Trainer at Cyber Security Brunei, CSB in an interview with RTB's Rampai Pagi programme yesterday morning. Pengiran Mohammad Farid Zulhusni bin Pengiran Aziz also shared some of the cyber threats reported to CSB such as cyber gambling, scam, pornography, get rich quick scheme, stolen information, Online Scam, hoax messages and social engineering. Pengiran Mohammad Farid Zulhusni described Social Engineering as manipulating or deceiving a person to provide confidential or personal information which could be used for the purpose of scams or cheating.

Pengiran Mohammad Farid Zulhusni said there are three types of social engineering. They are, Phishing, Vishing and Smishing and all are intended to deceive the victim to provide confidential or personal information to the cyber-criminal. They differ in how the information are gotten by the criminal. Phising is used on victims who use e-mail and social media. In Phishing, the cyber-criminal pretends as someone from a trusted organisation to access the victim's details. This method uses the voice or video in contacting the victim through a mobile telephone or landline. In Smishing, the criminal uses familiar social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Telegram or SMS to manipulate or deceive the victim into providing confidential or personal information.

Source: Radio Television Brunei