Rule 15, Arms & Explosives Act, Chapter 58

One hundred boxes of firecrackers type 3388 and ten boxes of 8888 Happy Boom Firecrackers have been seized by personnel from Bangar Police Station, Royal Brunei Police Force, RBPF. The seizure took place on the 12th of January 2021 around 8 in the evening. It was a result of crime prevention monitoring conducted by police personnel at Kg Bokok, Temburong District.

The seizure was made following the detainment of a suspicious looking 4 wheel drive vehicle, driving out of the Tambatan Jetty junction in Kg Bokok. The driver, a 45-year-old unemployed local man was detained after an inspection carried out on the vehicle found the boxes filled with contraband. The driver, vehicle and seized items were brought to Bangar Police Station for further investigation. Under Rule 15 of the Arms and Explosives Act, Chapter 58, No person or persons shall import, manufacture, sell or possess any sand crackers or any squibs or crackers which contain an explosive ingredient or mixture other than black gunpowder.

Any person who commits a a breach of this law shall be guilty of an offence and shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of not less than 5 years and not more than 15 years and shall also be punished with whipping with not less than 3 strokes and not more than 12 strokes. While any person who commits a breach of rule 15 shall be guilty of an offence and shall be punished with a fine of 3 thousand dollars.

Meanwhile according to Section 6, of the Minor Offences Act, Chapter 30, any person who sets fire to or burns any material to the annoyance, inconvenience or danger of the public, or sends up any fire-balloon or rocket in or near any public road is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of 250 dollars.

Source: Radio Television Brunei