Operasi Langis’

The Department of Immigration and National Registration, JIPK reminds the employers to always ensure that their employees' Immigration passes are still valid. The department also warns that any foreign national who commits an offence, and if convicted, will be expelled from the country and their names will be blacklisted. The reminder was issued following several foreign nationals being detained by the Law Enforcement Division of the Immigration and National Registration Department Bandar Seri Begawan during 'Operasi Langis' conducted at several places.

In the operation conducted on 12th January, at the Vegetable Stall, Kampung Tanah Jambu, Mukim Mentiri, a foreign man was investigated under the Immigration Act and Regulations Chapter 17 for allegedly committing an offence of not complying with what has stated in the permitted work pass. If convicted, the foreign national and the employer will be fined $600 under the provisions of Section 58A.

Meanwhile, ten foreign nationals were arrested in an operation conducted yesterday at a rental house at Simpang 759, Kampung Tasek Meradun area, Mukim Kilanas, Rental rooms at Simpang 162, Jalan Delima Dua and Simpang 71, Kampung Delima Dua, Mukim Berakas A. All of them were brought to the Law Enforcement Division of JIPK Bandar Seri Begawan for investigation under the Immigration Act and Regulations Chapter 17.

Source: Radio Television Brunei