Health Advice during Floods

Following the on-going occurrences of heavy rain and floods, the Ministry of Health reminds the public especially those living in areas affected and inundated by floods, to take precautionary measures to prevent and avoid any accidents, injuries and possibility of food and water borne infectious diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, food poisoning and vector borne diseases such as dengue fever and others.

The Ministry of Health also reminds the public of a number of measures to be taken during and after the occurrence of floods, among them:

-Ensuring the water supply is clean and not polluted;

-Ensuring drinking water is first boiled or drink bottled water;

-Cooking all food properly;

-Prioritising personal hygiene in particular washing hands with clean water and soap after using the toilet;

-Maintaining the cleanliness of the home environment and nearby areas and not to dispose rubbish indiscriminately, as well as ensuring the drainage is not blocked by rubbish, mud and tree branches;

-Obtaining treatment when experiencing illness such as fever, stomachache, diarrhoea, vomiting and others;

-Prioritising safety especially for children, so that they are not exposed to floods in order to avoid unwanted incidences such as drowning, injuries as well as infections;

-Avoid touching electrical wiring in flood waters;

-For patients with chronic diseases, they must ensure a sufficient supply of medication and if insufficient, are advised to contact nearby health centres to obtain assistance for the medicine supply;

- Ensure there are no stagnant water that can act as mosquito breeding areas.

For further information, go to the Ministry of Health website at '' or contact Talian Darussalam 123.

Source: Radio Television Brunei