Eradicating Corruption and Abuse of Authority

The Anti-Corruption Bureau, ACB, takes its responsibilities seriously and will review as well as receive every complaint related to corruption and related crimes. Every complaint received will be investigated according to the crime investigation regulations as per other crime investigation authorities. Dayang Hajah Suhana binti Haji Sudin, Director of Anti-Corruption Bureau, in an interview during the Rampai Pagi programme yesterday, said that the ACB plays a role in eradicating corruption and abuse of authority in the country and welcomes the involvement of the public, as well as government and non-government parties. The ACB has the authority to make arrests without a warrant, detain suspects for 48 hours, enter the home or office to search for and seize exhibits such as mobile phones, computers, notebooks and documents, take the witness and suspect's statements as well as other authority.

Dayang Hajah Suhana said that the ACB also has the jurisdiction to investigate abuse of power in public offices whereby the public officer in his job capacity has purposely used government funds or resources for personal interest, is biased or giving differential treatment, misusing information obtained during work, causing conflict of interest, prioritising his personal interest before his job or using his position for self-interest. Corruption also include influencing others in promotions, appointments, suspensions and dismissals. The penalty for corruption is 7 years imprisonment and a fine of $30,000. In addition to any penalty imposed, the court may order a person convicted of receiving gratification, if the amount is known, to repay the sum of the gratification received as an additional fine and if in default, an additional period of imprisonment will be imposed.

Source: Radio Television Brunei