Meeting To Coordinate Assistance for Villagers Affected By Flood

Following the unpredictable weather conditions and continuous heavy rainfall in the country which caused increased water levels in some low and inland areas of Tutong District, the Tutong District Disaster Management Committee DDMC, this morning held a meeting at the Lamunin Fire Station to activate the Incident Control Center , ICP to coordinate the assistance needed by the affected villagers.

The meeting was chaired by Awang Ajmin bin Haji Meludin, Acting Tutong District Officer as chairman of DDMC Tutong. Also present was Member of the Legislative Council. Among the affected areas are villages under Mukim Rambai, Mukim Ukong, Mukim Lamunin, Mukim Tanjong Maya and Mukim Kiudang. In this regard, affected village residents and the public are reminded to always be cautious and implement safety measures during floods. They are also to constantly monitor their children safety and not to play in flood areas. In the event of any emergency, contact the Incident Control Post ICP line at the Lamunin Fire Station at 4237350.

Source: Radio Television Brunei