‘Jaulah Fiqh Al-Usrah’ Programme

The Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB through the Fiqh Al-Usrah Research Centre will be organising the 'Jaulah Fiqh Al-Usrah' Programme or the Fardhu Maghrib and Isya' weekly lecture.

The programme will start on the 8th of January until the 26th of March at selected mosques nationwide. It is a platform to disseminate family-related knowledge in the aspects of education, law, guidance and counselling, psychology, sociology and individual responsibilities in the family and society by emphasising tarbiyah islamiyyah or Islamic Education as the foundation and way of life.

Further information on the programme can be obtained by contacting KUPU SB's Fiqh Al-Usrah Research Centre at 2236277.

Source: Radio Television Brunei