Over 300 Kilogrammes of Meat without Halal Import Permit Seized

More than 300 kilogrammes of raw meat without Halal Import Permit have been seized during the enforcement operation on 1st of January 2021. The raw meat was found during an inspection by the Municipal Department at a business premise in Gadong. The operation involved the Halal Food Control Division, Syariah Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs as well as the Royal Brunei Police Force and Municipal Department, Bandar Seri Begawan.

The confiscated raw meats were 70 point 7-2 kilogrammes of beef and 37 point 7-6 kilogrammes of cow lungs of Lockyer Valley Beef brand, 30 kilogrammes of Swift brand lamb, 131 point 6 kilogrammes of Wammco brand lamb, 20 kilogrammes of Allana brand buffalo meat and 10 kilogrammes of unbranded beef. The confiscated meats were brought to the Halal Food Control Division Headquarters, Syar'iah Affairs Department for further action.

It is an offence under Section 9 of Halal Meat Act, Chapter 183, which is offering or selling any imported meat without Halal Import Permit and export permit from exporting country. Any information on smuggling activity of raw meat, the public can contact the Halal Food Control Division, Syari'ah Affairs Department at 7166222 or any Halal Food Control Division office at every districts.

Source: Radio Television Brunei