Information Technology Skills Help Farmer to Produce Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Farming or toiling on the land can produce good results. This is the principle of Awang Jeffery Ong, who dared to leave a secure career as an Information Technology or I.T Engineer to become a farmer. Furthermore, his I.T skills and expertise have proven to be an advantage in diversifying his farm products into high quality yields. The Mobile Journalism or MOJO crew tells the story of his transformation from IT expert into a farmer.

The Tropical Farmer Farm owned by Awang Jeffry Ong is situated at Kampung Pangkalan Batu. Since beginning operations eight years ago, the farm has produced fresh vegetables and fruits. His experience as an IT engineer gives him an advantage in producing top quality farm produce using he latest technology.

Apart from farming, the hardworking toiler of the land often organises voluntary work to help other farmers, including conducting fertilization courses. His expertise in producing fertilizers is well known among his farmer friends. Awang Jeffri is assisted by several local workers. One of them is a graduate of Universiti Brunei Darussalam who has deep interest in agriculture.

Money does not come by itself but comes through hard work and dedication. As exemplified by this hardworking farmer, success can only be achieved through hard work, strong interest and commitment.

Source: Radio Television Brunei