Presentation of Letters of Appointment to Advisors and Mosque Takmir Committee

The appointment of the Members of Mosque Takmir Committee is a responsibility entrusted to each Mosques, Suraus and Religious Halls to form their respective Takmir Committees as outlined in the work guidance book of Mosque Officers 1996.


The matter was emphasized by Awang Haji Seruddin bin Haji Timbang, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Religious Affairs during the ‘Letters of Appointment to the Advisors and Takmir Committee of Kampung Penanjong Mosque Session 2020-2023’ presentation ceremony.  The ceremony took place last night at the Kampung Penanjong Mosque.


33 people received letters of appointment as Advisors and Takmir Committee of Kampung Penanjong Mosque for the 2020-2023 session. The appointed members of the Kampong Penanjong Mosque Takmir Committee are urged to continue to work together and the commitment of all Mosque Takmir Committees is very important in the success of religious activities to glorify the mosque.



Source: Radio Television Brunei