Safety Advise for Year End 2020

Brunei Darussalam has entered the Northeast Monsoon on early December 2020 and is expected to continue until the end of March 2021. In the first two months of the Northeast Monsoon, in December and January, it usually has the highest amount of rainfall compared to other months. During the monsoon season, unsettled weather conditions with occasional heavy showers or thundershowers are expected especially during the night and early morning.

The Fire and Rescue Department, Ministry of Home Affairs in its press release reminds the public to take note of the risk of flash floods especially at low lying and flood prone areas during heavy showers or thundershowers as well as the risk of landslides will be increasing specifically during heavy rains occur exceeding two hours. The risk of more severe flooding can occur when heavy-intensity rainfall collides with high tide events. Rough sea conditions and strong winds are dangerous for small boats and all recreational activities and sea sports. The public, road users and seafarers are advised to remain aware on the latest weather forecasts, advice and warnings issued by the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department and take appropriate precautions or planning for the safety of all, and to avoid from unwanted incidents.

What you need to know on the aspects of personal and family safety are;

During Hiking:

- Do not enter or hike too far in the hill area beyond your means and otherwise unfamiliar with the route.

- Do not enter the hill area if the surrounding conditions or the weather has started to darken or in rainy conditions

- Do not enter alone and inform family or friends your location

- For safety, it is advised to bring whistle, lights, mobile phone and water for emergency

Safety advice when doing activities on the beach or in the water

- Do not swim too far from the beach beyond your means.

- Watch out for children if they play or swim on the beach.

- Make sure you wear a safety jacket if you play jet skiing or skateboarding and others.

- If you find someone drowning and asking for help, make sure you are good at swimming and wearing a safety jacket before rescuing them.

- Always know the condition of the water and RIP CURRENTS

If you get into a RIP CURRENTS do not panic let your body get out of the current and swim to the left or right side out of the current area and swim to the shore.

- Boat operators, fishermen and others should wear safety jackets including passengers and install lights during night or dark weather conditions.

Safety advice during flood:

- The public is advised to always monitor the water level conditions outside the house area.

- Remain prepare in facing flood situation specifically at low lying and flood prone areas.

- Rescue property to a higher place including life and important documents.

The Fire and Rescue Department will continuously patrolling and monitoring to take appropriate measures to prevent unwanted things from happening specifically at low-lying areas as well as high-risk identified area. Any emergency, the public can contact the Fire and Rescue Department's hotline 995.

Source: Radio Television Brunei