Media Conference on Fading of Vehicle Registration Number Plates

Companies accredited to make, supply and install Vehicle Registration Number Plates with small-size number and letters that was enforces in 2011, are required to supply Vehicle Registration Number Plates that comply with approved regulations and specifications. Awang Mohammad Aizam bin Haji Abdul Hamid, Acting Director of Land Transport explained that in order to avoid blurring or fading of the number plates, the accredited or recognised companies or their representatives should use high quality materials. Speaking during a media conference this afternoon, he said this was to ensure the white colour of the letters and numbers or figures can last long. The media conference was held at the headquarters of the Land Transport Department.

The Acting Director of Land Transport added the registration number plates should be made of aluminium and the identification mark should be embossed. The ground of the plate should be black, while the identification mark should be white and conform to specifications.

Several recognised companies are offering price discounts to the public to replace faded Vehicle Registration Number Plates supplied by companies for a period of 3 months from the 1st of January to 31st March 2021. This is also one of the continuous efforts by the government and the companies to help the public. The Land Transport Department will form an action group to study the issue of fading Vehicle Registration Number Plates. The department will also conduct technical tests to ensure the plates are of top quality and conform to specifications. The Land Transport Department will also take action by cancelling or suspending the operations of the companies that do not comply with the specified Vehicle Registration Number Plates supply, making and installation regulations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei