Strategic Plan Book Consolidates Field Of Work for Community, Youth, Sports and Culture

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports' Strategic Plan 2020-2024 book is hoped to consolidate the vision, heart, mind and direction of the Ministry's staffs. The guideline book also acts to coordinate, continue and further enhance the Ministry's achievement.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports' field of work is for the community, youth, sports and culture as well as detailed direction to be consolidated in the book in realising 5 achievements of the vision across 4 areas and the well-being of all Ministry's staff.

For the implementation of initiative under Community Sector, the Ministry towards a Progressive Society, which is progressive community capacity development ecosystem. In the Youth Sector, the implementation initiative is Future Ready Youth, which looks at value-based world-class youth, as agents of future readiness for national development

The implementation under Sports Sector initiative, the main focus is to achieve a Glory in National Sports, which is to achieve excellence and progress in sports development as well as the community well-being. While in Culture Sector, the Ministry's desire towards a dynamic culture and heritage reinforcement, which is national culture and heritage as pillars of unity that remain relevant in contributing towards the national development.

The final initiative is under the Administrative Governance which focuses towards an inclusive and productive working environment so that the ministry staff involved actively, efficiently, capable and confident in providing an of quality services and able to carry out the strategic objectives. The Strategic Plan Book also focuses on three Strategic Objectives namely, Strategic Cooperation, Provision of Quality Services, Quality Life. It is supported by three core strategies with eleven strategic initiatives under it.

Source: Radio Television Brunei