Seizure of Dubious Halal Status Meat

Enforcement Officers from the Halal Food Control Division, Department of Syari'ah Affairs, Ministry of Religious Affairs together with law enforcement agencies from the Royal Customs and Excise Department have seized dubious halal status meat during Operasi Bersepadu at two separate residences. The operation was carried out on 17th December in Kampung Perpindahan Lambak Kanan and Kampung Katok 'B'.

The seized meat were 16 point of 5 kilogrammes of chicken wings, 10 kilogrammes of chicken tails, 10 kilogrammes of chicken, 10 kilogrammes of mutton and 24 point 2 kilogrammes of meat bones. Also seized were 44 packets of Ayamas brand sausage which were not declared to Customs. All the confiscated items were taken to the Halal Food Control Division, Syariah Affairs Department and further investigation was conducted by the Royal Customs and Excise Department. The Halal Food Control Division, Department of Syari'ah Affairs will always carry out operations and monitoring from time to time to ensure that the provisions under the Halal Meat Act, Chapter 183 and its Rules are always obeyed by distributors and sellers of raw meats in the country. Therefore, the public is reminded that every entry of halal meat into the country must have permission from the Brunei Islamic Religious Council through the prescribed processes.

Source: Radio Television Brunei